About Us

From humble beginnings , the Arizona Wedding Show has blossomed over the years. Today, it stands proud as the most grandiose wedding shows in the Southwest USA.

From vision to reality

34 years ago, the Arizona Wedding Show began as a dream—a vision to create a singular platform where couples could connect with top-notch wedding vendors and services. Over time, with passion, dedication, and unwavering commitment to excellence, we've grown exponentially. Today, we stand proud as the Southwest's leading wedding event, curating unparalleled experiences for both attendees and vendors. Our roots run deep, and our legacy is one of innovation, community, and timeless romance. Being a Master Wedding Planner, 1 of 75 in the World, it's all in the details, plus how you treat people.

Kim Horn
Our Team

The Hearts Behind the Magic

The Arizona Wedding Show isn't just an event; it's a labor of love crafted by a team of dedicated professionals. From the initial planning stages to the final applause, our crew ensures that every detail is immaculate, every vendor is spotlighted, and every attendee's experience is memorable.


Kim Horn

As the dynamic owner of the Arizona Wedding Show, Kim Horn infuses passion and a seasoned perspective into every facet of the event. Her dedication and entrepreneurial spirit have been pivotal in elevating the show to its unparalleled stature.

FASHION Show Manager

Alexa Horn

Stepping into the vibrant world of events, Alexa Horn shines as the fashion show manager of the Arizona Wedding Show. Harnessing a blend of fresh creativity and keen organizational skills, she ensures every show detail is executed to perfection.

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